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    We are a company with extensive experience in the field of greenhouses, we are research to create new ways to facilitate the client work and optimize their resources, thus we have patented a new form called greenhouse Patatoro...

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Coconut fiber

Coconut fiber is a raw material for an alternative to traditional stands out for its high stability and its ability to retain water and good aeration substrates.

The pH of the coconut fiber is 5. The cation exchange capacity is high, a fact that gives it a high-powered buffer in fertigation.

Has a microcellular texture and porosity close to 96%, comparable to the rock wool, also used for hydroponics. Specifically for this culture technique it has been found that coconut fiber, for hydroponics has a lower nutritional needs minerals fabrics normally used for this type of cultivation.

Coconut fiber used as component peat-based substrates provides high water retention capacity, high aeration of the root system and a great stability of the pH and conductivity of the medium.

Water-holding capacity allows to set frequency and dose of Fertigation. Coconut fiber retains nutritive solutions by capillary action and as a result they are easily assimilated by plants. At the same time, its structure has a high aeration, characteristic that promotes root development.

The coir fibre is a material rich in carbon c/n = 100, which gives it a high resistance to degradation, as well as great stability.

In addition to component of container and Hydroponic growing media, it can be used for many other functions. Some of them are use as organic amendment very slow degradation of soil and drainage, to avoid the clogging of problematic soils.

  • Fibra de coco
    Coconut fiber


The macrotunnel allows you to create a greenhouse effect allowing approaching weather needs of the crop as well as protecting it from bad weather such as frost, hail and rain.

platillo helicoidal

Pata toro

The Pata toro greenhouse is a greenhouse created for hydroponic cultivation to be a structure higher and open than the macrotunnel, with a greater flow of air.

Advantages against traditional culture:

  1. 100.000-110.000 plants/ha. versus 55.000-60.000 plants/ha of traditional crops. The productivity per hectare is significantly increased with the new system.
  2. Savings of 40% of plastic coverage. (from 16,000 kg in traditional cultivation to 10.075 kg Pata Toro).
  3. Significant increase in the percentage of first-grade fruit. And improvement of the health conditions of production by greater aeration of the greenhouse and the disappearance of moisture in the soil.
  4. It improves the conditions of collection, fruit more visible and more comfortable working posture, translates into a significant reduction in the costs of collection.
  5. Decrease of the water needs, thanks to lower consumption and the recovery of 100% of rainwater. In addition to the reuse of 30% of the water of irrigation and fertilizers used thanks to the drainage system.
  6. They disappear the high annual costs of disassembly and Assembly of parcels, and tons of plastic coverage reduces used.
  7. Return on investment in short time to dealing with a system that allows significant productivity increases while costs are reduced significantly.


  1. Strong initial investment in structures, computer for irrigation and substrates.
  2. It requires special qualifications by technicians.

Pata toro
Pata toro greenhouse
Example of plot with Pata toro greenhouse
Example of plot with Pata toro greenhouse

Channel Gutter

  • Name: KG – Channel Gutter.
  • Type: KG-210/75.
  • Materials: Steel S280GD+Z275,0,6 mm thick, both sides galvanized (275 g/m2), was painted and inside with a coating of Polyester and first by a total 27 microns thickness. Tolerance of thickness in accordance with EN 10143.
  • Color: Inside white; It was creamy white.
  • Max load: for this type of channel the maximum load is 15 kg per m1.
  • Support: Load Max. We recommend no more than 3 meters.
  • On exit: the first or the last stand the above output Max. is 1 m.

  • Channel dimension
  • Width 210 mm
  • Height 75 mm
  • Depth of the drainage channel 25 mm
  • The drainage channel width 25 mm

  • Front view
    Front view
  • Side view
    Side view
Mounting accessories

For each channel drain recovery tank
For each channel drain recovery tank
Black plastic tape
Black plastic tape

Tutoraje systems

We design all kinds of tutoraje for crops

Tutoring provides support to the plant so that you achieve a better production and more harmless and at the time of the harvest fruits easier harvesting.

Its function favors the growth of the plants with habit climbing or creeping (pea, cucumber, melon, etc.), makes sure the fruits are high soil and this favours a better quality fruit.

It facilitates pruning and makes more aesthetic crops, also stocking density increases to occupy air space.

The preparation of the tutoring should start 5-10 days after the transplant or when the plant measure between 20 and 40 cm.

Pata toro
Sample Plot

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